Electronic Payment Methods

An overview of the main features how to write a research proposal and benefits of electronic payment methods.

This paper provides an overview of electronic payment methods, and outlines the relative advantages of electronic payment methods both for customer service and increased profitability. The main features of electronic payment cards (credit cards, virtual credit cards, debit cards and charge cards) are described and the main characteristics of successful e-payment methods are outlined. The recent successes of PayPal and VeriSign are outlined and the author’s personal interest in the subject is discussed. Outline Electronic Payment Methods Main Features of Electronic Payment essay writing civil service Methods Electronic Payment Methods, PayPal and VeriSign Personal Interest in Electronic Payment Methods Additional Information on Electronic Payment Methods

Successful e-payment methods share a number of characteristics. These are: independence, interoperability and portability, security, anonymity, divisibility, ease of use, and transaction fees. Independence refers to the ability of e-commerce methods to operate without installing specialized software. Those e-commerce methods that do not require specialized hardware or software are more likely to be successful. Interoperability and portability refers to the ability of forms of e-commerce to interlink with other enterprise applications and systems. Security is an important consideration that encompasses the safety of the transfer and the chance of the transfer being intercepted. Anonymity is a characteristic of cash payments, where payment cannot be traced back to the buyer.


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