A definition of this movement and an explanation of its impact on society.

Progressivism refers to a grassroots movement in the United States that reached its height around the turn of the 20th century. This paper explains how, through the progressive movement, a wide variety of write an essay lesson reforms and social experiments were put in place, most of which made profound and long-lasting changes to American society. It discusses how progressivism contributed in major ways to prohibition and the campaign to win for women the right to vote. Progressives encouraged the establishment of social work and settlement houses in the slums to aid the poorest residents of major cities.

In spite of the flaws of the movement, progressivism laid the foundation for the New Deal, raising the awareness of politicians and other power brokers that many people in the country cared about the welfare write an essay about yourself sample of those less fortunate than themselves. The movement was certainly flawed, with much of its foundation in religious beliefs, with those in the middle class attempting to impose their moral standards on others (Crunden, 1991). As one writer said, Progressives were often seen as sanctimonious busybodies and meddlers, poking around in things that were none of their business” (Sage, 2004).”


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